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Good news: The narrative style is working. It lets me channel the research such that Emmett is narrating his story (with a little bit of help from me in the background)!

When I started writing about 10 days ago, I used a standard, very structured, academic, follow-the-outline writing method, and frankly, it didn’t work. My words sounded like a stiff, not-fun-to-read history tome, and I KNOW Emmett would not have appreciated that.

Thank God, here's our exit. Source:

Thank God, here’s our exit. Source:

If Emmett weren’t already dead, he’d have died of boredom reading it.

That academic style was enthusiasm-sucking, and frankly, not my preferred way of writing, which is to jump right into a topic, usually somewhere in middle, and start writing.

I’ve been living with Emmett and his research for over a year now; I believe that’s what he’d want anyway, because now the story just feels natural in its telling. It is Emmett’s voice coming through, maybe not loud, but definitely clear.


The rest of my day will be dedicated to more writing, because tomorrow is set aside for my beloved MSU Bulldogs:

MSU vs Auburn on CBS  Source:

MSU vs Auburn on CBS

So, for now, back to the manuscript.

More later!



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