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The Maxwell Papers

Here’s one of my latest acquisitions to the Emmett Wilson biographical research library: Surprisingly, it isn’t a dry tome, and it was a great deal! I ordered it from a book thrift store, and paid a grand total of $6, including shipping. What’s in here? Several interesting bios on Emmett’s […]

In Thanks

Folks, I’m spending a few days decompressing from the road trip to Pensacola. I have to take a few days off from research and writing about our guy because, frankly, I’m beat. It was a great trip, and I enjoyed it, but it was intense and compressed. I can’t get […]

Just Call 1088 & Ask for Emmett

According to my research, Emmett lived at the San Carlos Hotel, on and off between 1913 and 1918, although he gave his permanent address as the J. Walter Kehoe home. Because he spent so much time there, I’ve always been curious about what his room might have looked like. (The […]

Leora Sutton & Pensacola Archaeology

Friends, I am writing a letter to this woman today. This is Leora M. Sutton, an amateur archaeologist and a historian who has written several research reports and articles about Pensacola, some of which center on Emmett’s time period. I’d like to get her impressions on Gilded Age Pensacola and […]

Ironic Architecture

One of the early hospitals in Pensacola was St. Anthony’s Hospital and Sanitarium, which also was known as the Pensacola Sanitarium. It was located at the corner of Garden and Baylen Streets. There weren’t many hospitals in Pensacola during the early 1900s; you certainly wouldn’t have seen a large medical […]

What Would Andrew Jackson Say?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Emmett’s grandfather had a law partner, S.R. Mallory, and they worked in the Mallory Building in Pensacola during Reconstruction. My friend and colleague, the excellent Jacki Wilson at the Pensacola HIstorical Society sent me this: Jacki told me that what was on the original site of […]

The Perfect Storm

Readers, I had been planning another trip to Pensacola to get information on Emmett’s career as an attorney, District Attorney, and State Attorney during 1906-09. However, that second trip may be delayed. I found this today: Uh oh. I’ve kvetched about hitting roadblocks before, but this barrier is a significant […]

Emmett’s Pensacola

Readers, now that I’m back from the research trip to Pensacola, I can catch up on what I saw. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the buildings where Emmett lived and worked still exist, and are in good repair. This photo (right) of downtown Pensacola from 1910 […]