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The Maxwell Papers

Here’s one of my latest acquisitions to the Emmett Wilson biographical research library:


Surprisingly, it isn’t a dry tome, and it was a great deal! I ordered it from a book thrift store, and paid a grand total of $6, including shipping.

What’s in here?

Augustus Emmett Maxwell, Emmett's grandfather, reputed hunk.

Augustus Emmett Maxwell, Emmett’s grandfather, reputed hunk.

Several interesting bios on Emmett’s colleagues, including a well written bio on Emmett’s grandfather, Augustus Emmett Maxwell. Maxwell’s bio includes details about him personally (i.e., the man stood 6 foot four inches, and liked to go about clean shaven, though he wore a beard in later years).

That is kind of detail I have been seeking high and lo here in Emmett Wilson research land.

Also — while the bio itself on Emmett’s grandfather is only three pages long, the real treasure is the bibliography: I read all of the primary source bibliographies I can get my hands on in search of new books or other information sources. There were several new-to-me, UNPUBLISHED sources, along with their locations, right there in the footnotes! God bless the citation process!

Lo and behold, this is what was in the back of the book for the source of Emmett’s grandfather’s info:


See that in the middle of the page with the item “Maxwell Family”? The Pensacola Historical Society!

Had I known about this book, and, had seen this, I would have hit up my friend Jacki the Archivist at the Pensacola Historical Society to see the file while I was in town on the second research trip back in October!

The moment I saw this, I sent an email message to Jacki. I’m dying to know what else is in that file! I’ll keep you posted!


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