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Dissecting the Message, Part III

We continue to dissect Cephas Love Wilson’s letter to Emmett Augustus Meade, dated January 6, 1910: “Uncle Meade” was The Reverend Everard Meade, O.D., “Gentleman, Soldier, Man of God.” He was the rector of the historic Pohick Episcopal Church in Lorton, Virginia (about 30 miles south of Washington, D.C.), which […]

What Emmett Saw in Pohick

It occurred to me yesterday while I was at the Pohick Cemetery that Emmett had been there. A little background: Emmett’s uncle, Everard Meade, was the rector of Pohick Episcopal Church. His aunt, Lucy, had been very close Emmett’s mother, and she likely remained in close contact with her nieces […]

Field Trip!

Today, I visited Emmett’s sister, Katie Wilson Meade. Notice Katie’s husband’s name: Emmett Augustus Meade. Emmett’s name was Augustus Emmett Wilson. Lucy Maxwell Meade (who is buried just to the right of this grave) was Emmett Meade’s mother. Lucy was the sister of Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Emmett Wilson’s mother. Yes, […]