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In Praise of Sponsorship

As of April 27, I will have 10 years’ sobriety in AA. Putting down the drink was the easy part of getting sober. Keeping away from the damn drink was the hard part — and I surely would not have accumulated this much time, one day at at time, unless […]

Dealing with Sobriety

The following was read from a copy of the AA Grapevine at a meeting. It was something I needed to hear today. It was also something I believe Emmett needed to hear too, back in the day. You see, Emmett knew he had to stop drinking. It wasn’t just his […]

Doing the Next Right Thing

Remember the post last week where I accidentally outed myself as a recovering alcoholic during Mass? Well, I’ve had another program-related outing. It is a follow-up about the experience I had with my children’s Sunday school teacher, and it just goes to show you: This program works.   Back in […]

Accidental Outing

In the very early days of sobriety, I used to think, “Once I get a few years or five under my belt, I’ll know what to do/say and be more at ease with most situations in life.” Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, things do get better. You […]