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One Less

I’ve received my first Emmett Wilson writing project rejection letter! I’m not broken up about it; actually, it is a relief of sorts. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn’t completely happy with the story, because I felt like I was forcing Emmett and a story about his […]

Patchwork, Progress, Petersburg!

It has been a crazy, patchwork kind of existence in Emmett Wilson Land over the past two weeks — a lot of writing, a lot of teaching, a lot of deadlines. My writing life has felt cobbled together, much like Dr. Frankenstein’s creature: It works, but it looks (and feels) […]

Journaling & Self-Editing Finds

I’ve been posting less on Emmett’s blog this month because I’m working on Emmett Wilson-related articles to submit to two publications: I met the representatives of the Little Patuxent Review literary journal when I was at the AWP Conference two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, they told me to submit […]