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I’ve received my first Emmett Wilson writing project rejection letter!


From The Ponder Review. Oh well!

I’m not broken up about it; actually, it is a relief of sorts. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn’t completely happy with the story, because I felt like I was forcing Emmett and a story about his life into this topic framework.

It felt like the time I crammed my now-size 8.5 post-partum feet back into my cute size 8 Nine West heels. Dammit, I forced my feet fit into those shoes. I was miserable the entire two hours I wore them.

I have a plan to take the original essay apart and start over. It isn’t a total loss; there is a good story in there that I’ll share with the blog when I whip it back together. The next iteration won’t leave my desktop until I’m sure it feels comfortable, and I like it.

Oh — those Nine West heels? I got rid of ’em.

I’m off to Richmond and Petersburg tomorrow for an Emmett Wilson field trip! Stay tuned for more!

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