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Chapter 132: Transitioning

May 22, 2021Chevy Chase, Maryland In early June, 1906, it was probably a tough call for Emmett on what he would do after Nicholas Van Sant had discovered what was actually going on with their law practice. I sincerely doubt Emmett went to rehab, even through the generosity and circumspect-ness […]

Chapter 107: New From the South

May 1, 2015Chevy Chase, Maryland I’ve been reading microfilm for hours. My eyes are dry. But what a freaking goldmine. Not only am I finding long-missing information about Emmett Wilson’s wherabouts during 1905 and 1906, there is a ton of contextual information about Nicholas Van Sant, Emmett’s roommates at his […]

A Study of Perserverance

I have a lot of respect for people who will not let anything stand in the way of making a living, or chasing a dream. This week, while working on Emmett’s chapter about his sojourn in Sterling, Illinois in 1906, I came across someone who Emmett probably knew — or, […]