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Finite Windows; Precious Artifacts

Over the next couple of entries, I’d like to talk about the research process involved in gathering information about an obscure historic figure, and explain the process of reviewing artifacts for use in my research. Most of the time, when I’m visiting an archive to collect documents or artifacts, I […]

Take Me to 1911!

Guys, fantastic news! The New York Public Library released 180K historic images to a digital archive, and yes, instead of braving the frigging cold of 16 degrees (as it is outside right now), you and I can peruse in our pajamas! One very cool feature of the NYPL is this […]

Persistent Digging & Payoff

Congratulations to colleagues at the University of West Florida: In the article, Garner said he happened upon the artifact site quite by accident: Driving along, he saw disturbed dirt at a construction site, in an area he’d long thought ‘might’ be the location of the Luna settlement. “Might.” He wasn’t […]

The Second Research Trip to Pensacola

Friends I have finally booked the second trip to Pensacola. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again, and filling in some of the information holes in Emmett’s story. I’ve met some very nice folks along the research trek, so, that makes doing work enjoyable. I wish everyone liked their […]

Half a Loaf

For three weeks, I’ve been working through a set of microfilm generously on loan to me from the University of West Florida, specifically, the Pensacola Evening News for 1912. I just finished the last reel this afternoon, and my library will send the film back to UWF tomorrow. This set […]

Leora Sutton & Pensacola Archaeology

Friends, I am writing a letter to this woman today. This is Leora M. Sutton, an amateur archaeologist and a historian who has written several research reports and articles about Pensacola, some of which center on Emmett’s time period. I’d like to get her impressions on Gilded Age Pensacola and […]

New Impressions From Old Film

For the past two weeks, the focus has been on reading back issues of The Chipley Banner from 1893-1904, and getting details about the gaps of information during Emmett’s boyhood. I finished the reels and they are on their way back to the University of West Florida. There wasn’t much […]