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Mojo Knows Best

I think my Writing Mojo is hiding somewhere on my desk, because I can’t find it. Last time I saw it, it was in the mess of red-inked, half-written rough drafts adorned with coffee cup rings and post-it notes to myself, somewhere near the applications for grants and fellowships that […]

Rolling Right Along…

Good news: The narrative style is working. It lets me channel the research such that Emmett is narrating his story (with a little bit of help from me in the background)! When I started writing about 10 days ago, I used a standard, very structured, academic, follow-the-outline writing method, and frankly, […]

“Face-book” 1902

Still in search of the mojo. But, while searching, came across this: This is from the excellent site, Retronaut. Who’d have thought there was “Face-book” in Emmett Wilson’s day? Today is another film reading day. The writing mojo will reappear when it is ready. Impatience doesn’t help, but at least […]