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Friends, a while back I had mentioned that Emmett and I share a common ancestor way back in the family tree, namely the Earl of Caithness. “Earl” is on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. For Emmett, Earl is on his maternal grandfather’s side of the family, if that makes sense.

Antle family banner. Source:

Antle family banner. Source:

So. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered that Emmett and I share yet ANOTHER common ancestor. This one’s much closer. Specifically, we share Henry Antle, who is Emmett’s great-great-great uncle, again, on his mother’s side of the family.

Henry Antle is my fifth great-grandmother’s husband, but on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family.

I’m related to Emmett through two different ancestors, but through both of my maternal grandparents! Who’da thunk that? Although Emmett and I are still distantly related, I think there is more connectedness, if that makes sense.

I don’t know much about Henry Antle, other than he fought in the Revolutionary War (for the Colonists), he was born in Virginia near Bull Run and died in Kentucky. He’s a little too far back in the tree for me to include in Emmett’s biography, but Antle will make a slight appearance, as will the Earl, when I present my connection to Emmett in the book.

Emmett was a member of the Pensacola Elk's Lodge, now defunct, unfortunately.

Emmett was a member of the Pensacola Elk’s Lodge, now defunct, unfortunately.

I’d love to find a photo of Henry Antle. I keep thinking “antlers” when I read Antle’s name. Speaking of antlers, Emmett was a member of the Elk’s Club in Pensacola. I wonder if he ever had to wear antlers as part of his initiation to his club?

Argh. Sorry. It has been a long week of spinning my wheels with Emmett’s book outline. More on that one later. Also, it is the last week of summer vacation for my kids, THANK GOD. Do I sound a bit too overjoyed? Yeah. I am.

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