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If only Emmett had become a cult hero, he’d have a shirt like this too!

Although he didn’t have a t-shirt, he did have a club. True! When Emmett was running for Congress in 1912, his constituents organized an Emmett Wilson Club, and set one up in every county in the Third Congressional District (fyi — Florida’s current Third Congressional District is completely different from what it was in 1912).

The Emmett Wilson Club organizes. Source: The Pensacola Journal, 1912

The Emmett Wilson Club organizes. Source: The Pensacola Journal, 1912

The club was only in existence for about two weeks because his opponent, Dannitte Mays, decided to withdraw from the second primary runoff (there were second primaries in 1912). Mays, the incumbent, had concluded that Emmett’s political machine was too successful and well organized to make a successful challenge. Mays was correct.

I know there were little campaign buttons made — I’d love to find one. Perhaps one of these days I’ll come across one of them! When I do, I’ll share a photo!


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