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Circle of Family: Everard Meade Wilson

Today’s Wilson family essay is about Emmett’s older brother, Everard Meade Wilson, 1873-1914. Meade was the fifth son of Dr. Francis C. and Elizabeth Wilson. He went by “Meade;” named for Everard Meade, Elizabeth’s brother-in-law, and husband of her sister, Lucy Brockenbrough Maxwell Meade. Meade was born in Holly Springs, […]

Coveted Artifacts

Yesterday, a colleague told me that she had seen an actual notary public stamp belonging to Emmett Wilson on a legal document dating from 1905! She told me it was quite unique; Emmett’s name is part of the official stamp itself. This made me wonder what ever became of the […]

The Writing Life

I’d love to be able to tell you that writing Emmett’s story is something that feels natural, easy, and fun 100 percent of the time. I wish that were the case. But the reality is that writing is a lot of work. Creating something that hasn’t existed before out of […]

If Only…

  If only Emmett had become a cult hero, he’d have a shirt like this too! Although he didn’t have a t-shirt, he did have a club. True! When Emmett was running for Congress in 1912, his constituents organized an Emmett Wilson Club, and set one up in every county […]