It Feels Sisyphean

Yep. That's about what it feels like.

Yep. That’s about what it feels like.


Still pushing the first chapter through, folks, one page, one section at a time. It does feel Sisyphean, but it is moving. I estimate finishing the first draft of chapter one by Friday of this week — hopefully sooner. The one distraction is that I do have to grade a bunch of papers this week. Alas.

I expect to go through many drafts. It has been about 20 years since I wrote the dissertation, but I do remember that once I got my chapters written (after many rewrites, lots of editing), and presented a complete document to my committee, I ultimately produced 17 different drafts of the WHOLE DISSERTATION (all 178 pages of it) before it finally, FINALLY, was accepted for defense, publication and dissemination.

I kept all those versions for a few years, by the way, just remind myself what hell I put myself through, you know, in case I ever had the insane idea that I wanted to go back to grad school.

A lot of trees died for the sake of my research. Thankfully, I’m not destroying a forest this time around with Emmett’s book. But, there will be some paper carnage in the editing process.


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