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I Found This Amusing…

Note the team spellings. Source:


A friend who knows my anal retentivity about proofreading sent it to me. I had forgotten about this. Let’s hope someone in sports ticket production ran this year’s text through a spell check program that was not developed or produced in Alabama.



Image source:

In Emmett’s book news: It has been a busy three days. I’m almost through with Disunion (a thought provoking set of essays on the Civil War written by a variety of scholars). I’ve reorganized my notes on Pensacola and Reconstruction (I have a lot of new data in for one of the chapters). I’m halfway through grading a set of terrible papers from my students. I’m dying to get a rubber stamp that says, “Did you proofread this?” because I’m tired of writing it OVER and OVER.

And — wait for it — I’ve written 65 pages of Emmett’s book. Rough draft quality, definitely, but progress, and that is a satisfying feeling.

This whole experience writing a book reminds me of when I was expecting my first child — I wasn’t very big — but I knew there was a baby in there. I was puking and uncomfortable the whole time, but looking forward to the end result.

Not that Emmett’s book writing makes me puke, but you get the general idea.

I’ll have more updates on the research later.

Go Bulldogs! Roll Tears Roll!



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