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Maroon Friday

Happy Maroon Friday, everyone! College football season starts tomorrow; my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs aren’t even RANKED this week. Huh. I seem to remember a certain team that also entered the first week of college football season unranked in 2014, only to climb to the top of college football rankings […]

The Illinois Experiment

Back in the mid-1980’s, when I was a year or so out of journalism school with some experience writing for daily newspapers under my belt, I got the itch to move on to a bigger newspaper market, with a more interesting beat, and more exciting stories to write. Columbus, Mississippi […]

Gratias Ago Tibi, Fr. Brock

The excellent Angela the Archivist over at Stetson has this to share with us today: I had mentioned to Angela that I suspected Emmett’s diploma was in Latin, but because I didn’t have anything on hand from 1904 (when he graduated), I wasn’t sure. Nowadays, of course, most U.S. universities […]

I Found This Amusing…

A friend who knows my anal retentivity about proofreading sent it to me. I had forgotten about this. Let’s hope someone in sports ticket production ran this year’s text through a spell check program that was not developed or produced in Alabama. === In Emmett’s book news: It has been […]

Game On!

A busy day at research central today: — Added about 100 new items into the Emmett Wilson database. Tedious, but part of the process. — Wrote three pages of the rough draft for chapter two. Going very slowly; driving me nuts because I’ve had to stop and start so much […]

The Skeleton in the Closet

When I read microfilm, I usually come across titillating bits and interesting articles unrelated to Emmett Wilson, and save them. These little items tell me that people of Emmett’s day weren’t as uptight as we think, and that even 100 years later, we still have a lot in common. Today, […]

Boom-er-lang, Bulldogs, Cowbells

Yep, it’s Saturday in September, so that means it’s college football day! My alma mater was Mississippi State University. MSU has never really had what I’d call an exceptional football team or program, and has not made it to the top of the NCAA heap, but it certainly hasn’t been […]