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Nan Britton and her daughter, Elizabeth Ann. Source:

Nan Britton and her daughter, Elizabeth Ann. Source:

Somewhere out there, in the universe, I hope Nan Britton is fist-pumping in satisfaction, and telling her now-fellow-spirit detractors who denounced her, calling her a degenerate, a pervert, and a social-climbing wannabe harlot: “Told you so.”

I’m talking about a story reported in the news this afternoon, namely that DNA evidence has proven that Harding had a love child with Nan Britton.

It is an interesting follow-up to the little item I wrote almost exactly one year ago, a review of The Harding Affair, by James David Robenalt. Robenalt’s book gave an interesting interpretation of the extramarital adventures of Warren G. Harding and Carrie Phillips.

The Harding-Phillips papers can be found here, via the Library of Congress. You can read the letters for yourself!

Warren was a bit of a weasel, but Robenalt says, weasliness aside, Harding was a good president. I’ll take his word for it. Frankly, I think a guy who can’t take responsibility for his actions, especially if you are in a rather esteemed leadership position, say, President of the United States, has some rather big issues to address.

I don’t know what the attraction could have been about this guy, to be honest, but then, I wasn’t there to be awed and taken in by his suave-ness or ‘sensitivity.’

Was it, perhaps, the heavy eyebrows that drove the dames wild? Source:

Was it, perhaps, the heavy eyebrows that drove the dames wild? Source:

After Britton discovered she was pregnant with Harding’s child, a lot of effort was made to discredit her. I can only imagine what the personal attacks were like against Britton, as well as her child when her  tell-all book came out. (You can get a Kindle version of the book for $1.99 on Amazon.)

Britton died in 1991 at 94; her daughter, Elizabeth Ann Harding Blaesing, died in 2005. Britton was reported to claim Harding was the father of her child to the very end.

It’s too bad Britton isn’t around to feel the satisfaction that the truth is finally out. I get the feeling she knows.


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