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The Odds of 98

Statistically, a female child born in 2011, has a 1 out of 3 chance (33.7%) to reach the age of 100; a male child has a 1 out of 4 (26%) chance.

A female child born in 1917 had a 1.4% chance of reaching the age of 100; a male child, about 0.4% chance.

So, imagine my surprise to find that not one, but TWO of the Wilson family direct descendants are still with us, and 98 years young? Talk about beating the odds.

AND — get this — they live in the same town. No kidding.

(If you are just now joining us here in Emmett Wilson Research Land, I’m trying to find anyone who may hold letters, photos, anecdotes, anything about Emmett through his siblings’ descendants. I’m working my way through a list of A. Maxwell Wilson’s descendants that was written by his younger sister, Katie Wilson Meade. A. Maxwell Wilson was the oldest brother of Emmett and Katie; he had 11 children.)

As of yesterday, I believe that the youngest daughter of A. Max Wilson, Edith, is still among us. I’ve tracked down her address, and I’ve written her a snail mail letter. I am 98 percent certain that I’ve found her — what I’m not completely sure about is if she is still with us.

As reported earlier, we know that Emmett’s niece, Jule (the daughter of Emmett’s twin brother, Julian), is still around.

Does Jule know Edith? I don’t know — I’m going to contact her later today. I feel certain that she doesn’t; else she would have told me about her cousin living right there in the same town.

Wouldn’t that be great if Edith is still around, AND would get to know her first cousin, Jule? AND, if they lived near each other?

AND, wouldn’t it be great if Edith could talk with me about her family?

Stay tuned.


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