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When I’m not writing…

I’m running.

Mostly, I run with three close friends who kvetch with each other about life, work, and kids while getting into shape.

And yeah, my friends have listened to the trials and tribulations of Emmett Wilson research and writing. We like hearing about each other’s jobs (as we each work in completely different industries), and we’ve exchanged great advice while on the road. We have fun, and it is cheaper than therapy!

At the halfway point at the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon. It was freezing, but at 6 miles, I was entirely overdressed.

At the halfway point at the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon with my friend Stacy. It was freezing, but by the 6 mile marker, I was regretting being so overdressed.

Not bad time considering my friends and I didn't train AT ALL.

Not bad time considering we didn’t train AT ALL for this race. And Stacy helped me work out a few of the kinks in my manuscript! Thanks, Stacy!

If you write, what do you do to keep sane?

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