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The Chipley, Florida Phone Directory for 1906

Did you know that in 1906, Chipley, Florida (Emmett’s childhood home) had a telephone directory?

Granted, it probably would not have been much larger than a 5 x 7 inch note card, but it existed.


Source: The Chipley Banner, February 28, 1906

Emmett’s father, Dr. F.C. Wilson’s name isn’t listed, but as one of the town’s three doctors, it would make sense that he had a telephone, at least in his office downtown. It would also make sense that he’d have one in his home — but it would have been expensive. Dr. Wilson was not a wealthy physician.

Side entrance, once Dr. Wilson's home office entrance.

Side entrance, once Dr. Wilson’s home office entrance. Did Dr. Wilson have a phone in his home, or in his office downtown?


I have a great story about Buell Cook (his name is correctly spelled ‘Buell’) that I’ll post later this week.

Meanwhile, I’m reaching out to the Washington County Historical Society to see if there is, perhaps, a more comprehensive directory in their archive — even if it is just a 5 x 7 inch, one page document.



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  1. My maternal great grandmother was the black sheep of the Fuller family. She married three or four times. Ended up living in a boarding house (it’s still standing and historic, I have a photo) in downtown Pensacola. She died of breast cancer. It would have been around 1922 or 1930. She was considered a loose woman for those times. Catholic, I believe. Irish descent or German. Her first husband’s last name was Conner. I am not sure of her maiden name. But when she died in Pensacola she was B.E. Millikan 112 West Cervantes Pensacola in 1919 that house is gone now. I know that because that is the year on the baby announcement she was sent. I don’t think she was notable. Unless you consider a loose woman in Pensacola in 1919 notable. How could I go about finding out where she is buried. I don’t have her birth date or death date. I don’t even know her actual first name. they just called her Maw Eese. She married a first cousin which was the start of her being removed from the family.
    Candace Fuller Pfau

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