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Do you remember when I sent out an essay about Emmett’s boyhood home to Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art? Good news! They’re going to publish it in the Places to Stand section! I’ll let you know when it runs! Whoo hoo!  

Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Part IV

The only information I have about Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson (to date) comes from a narrative written by her youngest daughter, Katie Wilson Meade, and the narrative jumps from the family’s return on a steamer from Belize in 1884 to Chipley, Florida, in 1891. During that eight-year period, Katie gives us […]

A Tragedy of Records

One of the challenges in doing research on an obscure person who lived 100 years ago, as did Emmett Wilson, is that the majority of their correspondence and records might not exist. Time can be tough on historic documents. For instance, colleagues at Stetson University Archives have told me that […]

Studying Stones

Today, I went through some of the photos I took at Glenwood Cemetery in Chipley, Florida, where I visited Emmett’s parents, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, and Elizabeth V. Wilson. I took these two photos the last time I was in Chipley; I didn’t have a lot of time that day […]

In Thanks

Folks, I’m spending a few days decompressing from the road trip to Pensacola. I have to take a few days off from research and writing about our guy because, frankly, I’m beat. It was a great trip, and I enjoyed it, but it was intense and compressed. I can’t get […]

Radio Silence; Headed Home

Apologies for the radio silence. It has been a good trip to Pensacola and I have plenty to report, but frankly, I haven’t slept well the entire week, so I’ve neither heard nor felt the presence of Calliope at all. That, plus I was told on Thursday that — surprise […]

More St. Michael’s Stories

Right now, I’m in Chipley, Florida, staying with my excellent and gracious friend Pam and her family, in a historic old home where Emmett and his family members had certainly visited from time to time. There’s a photo of Emmett’s father, Dr. Wilson, posed in front of this house in […]


Remember my visit to Chipley in May, 2014, to see Emmett’s boyhood home? There’s improvements going on! A member of the Myers family shared with me that they are having some work done on that lovely home. I was so happy to hear about that — overall, the house appears […]