When Caring Turns Ugly


As I read this wonderful and insightful post, I thought of Emmett and those close to him, who probably tried to save him from himself.

I thought of Jennie Kehoe, and Emmett’s sister, Katie Meade, who probably felt the weight of their compassion as impossibly heavy at times.

Bert Fulks

Are you exhausted from worrying about someone?  Weighed down from constantly carrying them in your heart?

Okay, friends.  Huddle up.

One of my favorite football plays is the ol’ Hook-and-Ladder.  To pull it off requires some impeccable timing, skill, and trust … but this one play can change the entire game.

For the non-football fan, here’s the gist:  The receiver goes out for a pass and cuts back just as the quarterback delivers a perfect strike.  As the defense closes in, the man with the ball pitches it to a teammate streaking toward him.  Sometimes the receiver makes a rushed, wild toss.  Sometimes he holds the ball too long and gets clobbered.  In either case, it’s usually a fumble recovered by the other team.  When executed well, however, the defense fails to account for that unseen teammate who collects the toss in stride toward the end zone.

The ol’

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