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Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville Kentucky

Here’s an interesting find in recent days:

The bulletin of the Hospital College of Medicine, 1880-1881. Source: AAMC archival holdings

This is an image of the medical school attended by Dr. Francis C. Wilson in 1891. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the bulletin for the year Emmett’s father attended, but this one offers a nice rendering of the actual facility where Dr. Wilson took classes between February and June, 1891.

What’s also interesting is that he wasn’t the ONLY Dr. Francis C. Wilson on campus:

Doppelganger! Maybe. Maybe not. Source: AAMC archival holdings.

I imagine that Dr. Francis Wilson of Florida was in at least one of Dr. Francis Wilson of Kentucky’s classes. I can’t prove it yet. But these two men were at this institution at the same time, in 1891, when Dr. Francis Wilson of Florida was enrolled. I can imagine also Emmett’s father writing humorous letters to his mother, Elizabeth, about the coincidence.

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