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Chapter 144: Maxwell & Wilson

January 2, 1908
Pensacola, Florida

From the January 2, 1908 issue of The Pensacola Journal, page 1. Source: Chronicling

According to Uncle Evelyn, this was not by accident; he says he recognizes my potential, my humility, my dedication to hard work and the law. I thought, perhaps, Uncle Evelyn might bring me into the firm sometime; but not a partnership!

The transition to partner with my powerful uncle is a very big deal — and now — I don’t feel so indentured, or as if I still have years of atonement ahead of me to prove my worth as a good lawyer. Uncle said it was a trial by fire, much like what his grandfather did with him and his siblings. No matter, I told him; I’m simply appreciative and grateful.

The Blount Building, 1908. Source:
The law offices of Evelyn Croom Maxwell, Emmett’s uncle, and, law partner at this time, on the fourth floor of the building. Maxwell and Wilson formed a partnership January 2, 1908; their offices were later that year located a few floors up, at 716-718 Blount Building.

For the first time in years, I feel grounded and steady. Uncle’s approbation means so much; he believes in me. It’s huge: Even my brother Cephas is a bit in awe, my being offered a partnership with Uncle Evelyn. And so, I feel confident enough to move forward on my own somewhat. I left the Kehoe house, and moved into a boarding house at 124 West Belmont owned by Mrs. Frances Moreno, a widow. Her son, who is with the L&N Railroad (and knows my brothers Frank and Meade, fellow conductors) lives there, along with her daughter.

Source: Pensacola City Directory for 1908 (via
Source: Pensacola City Directory for 1908 (via

It doesn’t feel entirely as if I have ventured far on my own; my uncle is just up the street from where I live. But it’s a good, fresh start to a New Year, nonetheless.

Source: Pensacola City Directory for 1908 (via

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