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Happy Founder’s Day

Eighty years ago today, AA was founded. You can read about it, here. Also, here. I’m lucky to have found AA. It works for me. AA isn’t for everyone; there are also no guarantees when you come into the program. But somehow, I have found that it works for me […]

Get Me to the Nunnery!

Tomorrow, I have a field trip planned to the Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives, and I cannot wait! Why is this such a big deal? Well, other than the fact I love Sisters — I grew up in fear and awe of them, in a good way — this is […]

The Wisdom to Just Shut Up

This is courtesy of Fr. James Martin, S.J. The original post can be found here. A New Serenity Prayer God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, which is pretty much everyone, since I’m clearly not you, God. At least not the last time I checked. […]

He Just Went to Sleep

Notice the date. In sum, here’s what happened, 97 years ago. Emmett was hospitalized at Pensacola Hospital for almost a week prior to his death; he went through a few days of harrowing delirium tremens (and was likely strapped down during the time). It wasn’t a regular hospital room; Pensacola […]

Doing the Next Right Thing

Remember the post last week where I accidentally outed myself as a recovering alcoholic during Mass? Well, I’ve had another program-related outing. It is a follow-up about the experience I had with my children’s Sunday school teacher, and it just goes to show you: This program works.   Back in […]

Wanting to Be Found

Call me crazy, but when I find myself hitting a brick wall in the research, I ask Emmett for help. Truth. Also, every time I’ve done it, I’ve gotten a response — usually in the form of new information, or a new lead. The fact I am also dogged and […]

Life Lessons from Second Bananas

Quick, name a ‘second banana’ who transcended the ‘sidekick’ or second-in-command role into superstardom, after breaking from the partnership that gave him or her a sense of identity, that ‘household name-ness’. Don Knotts? Nope. Once he left The Andy Griffith Show, and struck out on his own, his star didn’t […]

Accidental Outing

In the very early days of sobriety, I used to think, “Once I get a few years or five under my belt, I’ll know what to do/say and be more at ease with most situations in life.” Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, things do get better. You […]

I Wish You’d Known Chris

I thought I’d be back up to speed with Emmett’s blogging/research this week, but it has been a difficult couple of days. On Sunday, a dear friend of mine died. You know that quote by Edna Buchanan: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves?”  That’s what I felt about […]