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Narrative Nonfiction

One of the struggles of writing Emmett’s book has been about how the story will come out; i.e., straightforward biography a la Sergeant Joe Friday? Or, something more akin to my personal style of writing, which is close to a narrative nonfiction style? I’ve gone back and forth with this […]

Angry at Emmett

Maybe this is all an off-shoot of the intense, compressed writing bloc over the past week, but I’ve noticed for the past several days that I have been — and am — mad at Emmett Wilson. This isn’t the first time I’ve been made at him, but this has been […]

Progress Report & Convo with Jule

If you’ve been following along the blog over the past few days, you know that the first chapter is about Emmett’s family.  (Well, my family, too. Emmett is my cousin.) The first chapter is in pretty good shape; actually, it is probably going to be divided into two more sections […]