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Boom-er-lang, Bulldogs, Cowbells

Yep, it’s Saturday in September, so that means it’s college football day! My alma mater was Mississippi State University. MSU has never really had what I’d call an exceptional football team or program, and has not made it to the top of the NCAA heap, but it certainly hasn’t been […]

The Comeback Kid

I believe that everyone deserves the occasional mulligan. Because second chances are rare, if you’re smart, you use that opportunity to your best advantage. That’s what happened with Emmett when he was about 20 years old, and had basically flunked out of West Florida Seminary (what is now Florida State […]

Show Me The Money

Check this out: Big, eh? I didn’t realize Emmett and his friends would have to had carried around large wallets. The old bills are attractive; they were worth something too, since they were based on the gold standard back then. Here’s the other side: Did you know they used to […]

Ancestors & Antlers

Friends, a while back I had mentioned that Emmett and I share a common ancestor way back in the family tree, namely the Earl of Caithness. “Earl” is on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. For Emmett, Earl is on his maternal grandfather’s side of the family, if that […]

So Damn Irritating!

Readers, I just finished the second Brand Whitlock book, Her Infinite Variety, in two days. It was a quick read (only 185 pages), and thank God for that. It made me seethe, it was so damn irritating! Argh! In a nutshell: Busy Chicago state senator finds himself languishing and bored […]

Deja Vu, Anyone?

Earlier this week, I came across a book, The 13th District, by Brand Whitlock. It piqued my interest in that it was written by a journalist-turned-lawyer-turned-politician, who was in Washington at the same time as Emmett. Also, it seemed like the type of fiction Emmett might have read. Although the […]


Say hello to Emmett for us — and perhaps could you give him a few tips on punchlines? Emmett’s jokes were corny at best — but you don’t have to tell him I told you that. 🙂            

Oddities and Ironies

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to track down an odd clue that I came across in Emmett’s research. Earlier this week, while digging around for information on Emmett’s grandfather, Augustus Emmett Maxwell, an odd item — and I mean, a VERY odd item — kept coming up […]

A Lucky Guy

Friends, I read a lot of contemporary newspapers and publications from Emmett Wilson’s time, mostly to get a feel about what people thought and felt about everyday life; issues shaping society, and so forth. I also like to read other biographies on historic figures, to see how they position their […]