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Say hello to Emmett for us — and perhaps could you give him a few tips on punchlines? Emmett’s jokes were corny at best — but you don’t have to tell him I told you that. 🙂            

Oddities and Ironies

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to track down an odd clue that I came across in Emmett’s research. Earlier this week, while digging around for information on Emmett’s grandfather, Augustus Emmett Maxwell, an odd item — and I mean, a VERY odd item — kept coming up […]

A Lucky Guy

Friends, I read a lot of contemporary newspapers and publications from Emmett Wilson’s time, mostly to get a feel about what people thought and felt about everyday life; issues shaping society, and so forth. I also like to read other biographies on historic figures, to see how they position their […]

In the Public Eye

Readers, one thing I’ve noticed in doing Emmett’s research is that back in the early 1900s, if your lifestyle or behavior was even the least little bit out of the ordinary, you can be sure that it would at least make it into the local newspapers. Nowadays, for instance, our […]


In my research, I’ve seen Emmett described a lot of ways, but I have to admit, when I first saw the adjective ‘clubman,’ my reaction wasn’t positive. Let me add that I didn’t have my reading glasses on at the time and so, initially, thought it said ‘caveman.’ On second […]

Just Breathtaking

Friends, I’ve taken a little break over the past two days to get organized. I have one class ending in about a week, and another one about two weeks behind that one — all on new learning management system software to boot! That, plus at last count, I have well […]

Bicycle Face

Did you know that there was such a phenomenon? Neither did I. Incredible what people thought back in Emmett’s time about the effects of ‘newfangled contraptions’ on the public at large. The article about Bicycle Face got my attention because of something I had read about Emmett when he was […]