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Emmett’s PR Posse

Readers, one thing I’ve always wondered about as I dig through Emmett’s life is the people he chose as advisers; then, the people he chose as managers as his campaign took off. Who were these people, and why did Emmett think he could trust his career to their advice? After […]

Emmett’s Pensacola

Readers, now that I’m back from the research trip to Pensacola, I can catch up on what I saw. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the buildings where Emmett lived and worked still exist, and are in good repair. This photo (right) of downtown Pensacola from 1910 […]

Travel Reflections

Friends, I made it back to Washington, DC from Chipley, Florida in one day — I drove 15.5 hours to do it. I don’t recommend it; however, I do like road trips and because it is Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t want to spend several days on the road along […]

Temporary Roadblock

About two weeks before I made the trip to Pensacola, there was a hurricane-strength storm that blew through and created all kinds of damage. Buildings were flooded and roads were washed out. There are still a number of repairs going on around the city. There is a lot of storm-related […]

Coffee with Emmett

Readers, I knew a while back when planning this research trip that the first thing I would do when I got to Pensacola was to visit St. John’s Cemetery and to pay a call, in person, on Emmett. I wasn’t sure what I’d find. But, that’s OK. In my grand […]

Research Heaven

Readers, when I told my colleagues I was headed down to Pensacola for a week to do work on Emmett’s book, and that I was thrilled and antsy to get there and get going, this was the picture they had in their minds of my ‘research’ setting: In reality, this […]

What Emmett Saw in Montgomery

Readers, yesterday, I posted a photo of downtown Montgomery from 1906. Today was spent trying to identify some of those buildings to see what Emmett saw when he visited the city. Although Dexter Avenue has changed a lot from the time the 1906 photo was taken, and there are very […]


Tonight I’m in Montgomery, Alabama, one of the first stops on the Emmett Wilson research trip. Montgomery is an important stop, not just because it breaks up a really long drive down from D.C. to Pensacola, but because Emmett did visit the city from time to time. Also, Emmett’s twin […]

Heading Out

The Emmett Wilson Odyssey (in my Honda Odyssey) begins tomorrow morning. I’ve driven in that car with my family across the United States four times; so, this jaunt down the East Coast seems like a wimpy road trip in comparison. My friends, the true test of resilience (or, a marriage) […]

The Research Trip

Friends, I’m packing for the trip to Pensacola this weekend to walk the paths that Emmett trod! This trip has been a long time in planning. I’m so thrilled that it is almost here! Of course, those paths may be four-lane highways today, but still. The notion that I get […]