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Friends in research, let me show you why I’m so happy at this moment! You see, I was told the Panama City Pilot for 1912 didn’t exist on microfilm. According to my contacts at the archive, it was unclear if it even existed in bound form. The PCP is an […]

The Cad as Mentor

Part of telling Emmett Wilson’s biography includes a mention of those who mentored him in his early law career. Emmett had two primary mentors in his life; one of them was his older brother, Cephas Love Wilson, Esq. If you want to be the best in your field, you want […]

The Elusive Emmett

To date, I have 1,285 individual citations for Emmett Wilson, organized in a biographical database. I also have about 300 articles still to be put into the database, and I add a few more every day. The articles include mention of family members and close colleagues, which I send to […]

“What a Jerk.”

That was my first reaction to Emmett Wilson when I ‘met’ him several months ago. I was in the midst of doing work on a biography about my great-grandmother, who, long story short, was a suffragette from Mississippi, and whose husband did not like her ‘activities’, so he put her […]