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Chapter 172: The Gambler

June 2, 2022Chevy Chase, Maryland Here’s the thing that has puzzled me ever since I started research on Emmett Wilson’s life story: What was the main reason Frank Mayes (and The Pensacola Journal) endorsed Emmett for U.S. Congress? Frank was no dummy; he was a prescient newsman who kept close […]

Update: A. Max Wilson

While conducting a periodic check-back on old databases, I found an updated obituary for Emmett’s oldest sibling, Augustus Maxwell Wilson, who was called “Max.” The text from another obituary (from the Palatka, Florida Times-Herald for January 30, 1925) stated he had lived (past tense) in East Palatka, Florida, but at the […]

In Appreciation of Patience

If I had to name the personality defect that is the bane of my existence, it is impatience. I am absolutely terrible at playing the waiting game. I think I have gotten better at it as I’ve gotten older (i.e., matured, and sobered up), but I clearly have a long […]

Recipient Most Likely

The quest to locate the Wilson family Bible continues. Here’s what I’ve determined so far: Emmett’s father, Dr. F.C. Wilson, remarried about 18 months after the death of wife Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson. The new mizzus, Kate Langley Jordan Wilson entered the scene. She was a decent person; had no desire […]

Odds and Ends and Ironies

So, I’ve reached a brick wall in my exploration of A. Maxwell Wilson’s descendants and the elusive Wilson family Bible. It isn’t insurmountable, but I’m hesitant to push further without help from other family members. Here’s the story: The three-out-of-eleven remaining children of A. Maxwell Wilson in our study are: […]