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In Appreciation of Patience

If I had to name the personality defect that is the bane of my existence, it is impatience.

I am absolutely terrible at playing the waiting game. I think I have gotten better at it as I’ve gotten older (i.e., matured, and sobered up), but I clearly have a long way to go when it comes to patience.

I will say that Emmett’s research project has been a great help in terms of improving my patience tolerance levels. I can’t believe I am coming up on the third anniversary of ‘meeting’ Emmett, and the book is still not finished!

It is creeping along — slowly — and I can tell you that I understand and see why that is. If I had rushed this project at any point, I’d likely have written something based on incomplete information, or inaccurate perception of data, or (probably) have offended someone by being impatient.

I’ve had wonderful results so far with the research — and I chalk it up to being patient. It’s not easy for me; but, I’ve come to the understanding (thanks to Emmett and his story), that if I’m careful, tolerant, and patient, the information will surface and the story will be told.


And sure enough, thing are happening!

This morning, I had a phone call from Emmett’s 98-year-old niece, Jule, in Alabama. (If you recall, I had sent her information about her 98-year-old first cousin, daughter of A. Maxwell Wilson.)

Yesterday, I heard back from Edith’s pastor, who was kind enough to pass my information, and Jule’s information, to Edith and her family. The only thing I could do next was wait.

I didn’t have to wait long, though!

Jule and Julian Wilson in the 1940s. Jule still has that lovely smile.

Jule and Julian Wilson in the 1940s. Jule still has that lovely smile.

“Guess what?” Jule said. “I found Edith. She’s in nursing home, but I got her room number, and told the folks over there I’m coming to see her! I’m going to drive over there myself!”

That made me laugh out loud!

“Did you know about her, or that she even lived close by?”

“No!” Jule said. “I had no idea! But I can’t wait to see her! We have a lot to talk about!”

Jule said she’d let me know how it went after the visit.

I can’t wait to hear about it!


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