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Chapter 62: My Grandfather

February 10, 1903 Dr. F.C. Wilson’s Home Chipley, Florida I’m in Chipley for a few days visiting my father, stepmother, and Grandfather Maxwell. He now lives with my father; Grandfather Maxwell is  frail these days.  Although Grandfather has been living with my uncle Evelyn Maxwell in Pensacola, Grandfather prefers to […]

Portrait of a Father

This photograph of Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, was taken on a sunny afternoon — maybe Father’s Day — around 1895. His eyes are open, and they appear to be focused on the long corn cob pipe. I wonder if he whittled that pipe himself? Or perhaps one of […]

A tragic find

As I continue to organize my collection of articles and files, I came across a tragic story from the September 1, 1912 edition of the Pensacola Evening News. I saved this article because I’m certain Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, would have been on hand to assist Dr. Coleman […]

Places to Stand: In Chipley

I’ve started sending out articles and essays to literary journals and publications all about Emmett Wilson and his family. My first submission is to Saw Palm: Florida Literature & Art. This is a Florida-themed literary journal with a lot of creative and interesting components. My first shot at the journal […]

Buell Cook

Meet Buell Cook: Lawyer, Insurance salesman, Realtor, Mayor, Statesman. Another man, like Emmett, who died too young, and whose death could have been avoided. Buell was elected to represent the 25th district in the Florida State Senate in 1909. He was reported to be an excellent lawyer who chose principles […]