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Dissecting the Message, Part IV

If you’re just now joining us, we’ve been dissecting a letter from Emmett’s brother and law partner, Cephas Love Wilson, addressed to his brother-in-law Emmett Augustus Meade (husband of Katie Wilson Meade), dated January 10, 1910 (here, here, and here). Today, we’re finishing up our analysis of the message itself. […]

Medium, Message, Context

As promised in the last post, I’ll now walk you through the process I use to review artifacts that inform my research on Emmett Wilson. Here’s a document I received from Emmett’s grand niece, Elizabeth, who is the granddaughter of Katie Wilson Meade. Elizabeth’s original note with this document said […]

Field Trip!

Today, I visited Emmett’s sister, Katie Wilson Meade. Notice Katie’s husband’s name: Emmett Augustus Meade. Emmett’s name was Augustus Emmett Wilson. Lucy Maxwell Meade (who is buried just to the right of this grave) was Emmett Meade’s mother. Lucy was the sister of Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson, Emmett Wilson’s mother. Yes, […]