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Life Expectancy

As I write Emmett’s story, I always wonder how long he would have lived had he not drank himself to death. Several of the men in his family, particularly his twin brother Julian, were long lived. Emmett was 35 when he died of uremia on May 29, 1918. The website, […]

Good News, Sad News

Good news and sad news in Emmett Wilson research this week. First, the good news: I received a beautiful invitation from my dear distant cousin, Carol: In exactly one week, Emmett’s niece Jule will celebrate her 100th birthday! Alas, I cannot travel to join in the festivities, but I do […]

Julian Wilson & The Steamer “Gertrude”

Yesterday afternoon, I was going through my notes (looking for something else, naturally) when I found an article from the July 26, 1906 issue of The Chipley Banner, which reported Emmett’s twin brother Julian, “… a purser on the steamer ‘Gertrude’ was in town visiting his father at home, and left […]

Circle of Family: Julian Anderson Wilson

In the quest to find intimate details about Emmett, I’d always thought that the person who would have known him best, the person who would have been closest to Emmett was his twin brother, Julian Anderson Wilson. Julian was named for Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson’s stepmother, Julia Anderson Hawkes Maxwell. He […]

In Appreciation of Patience

If I had to name the personality defect that is the bane of my existence, it is impatience. I am absolutely terrible at playing the waiting game. I think I have gotten better at it as I’ve gotten older (i.e., matured, and sobered up), but I clearly have a long […]

Odds and Ends and Ironies

So, I’ve reached a brick wall in my exploration of A. Maxwell Wilson’s descendants and the elusive Wilson family Bible. It isn’t insurmountable, but I’m hesitant to push further without help from other family members. Here’s the story: The three-out-of-eleven remaining children of A. Maxwell Wilson in our study are: […]