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Good News, Sad News

Good news and sad news in Emmett Wilson research this week.

First, the good news: I received a beautiful invitation from my dear distant cousin, Carol:

In exactly one week, Emmett’s niece Jule will celebrate her 100th birthday!

Alas, I cannot travel to join in the festivities, but I do have a story to share with Jule and her family, which I’m busily drafting this lovely Christmas Eve.

Edith Wilson Snyder. Source:

Finally, the sad news: I discovered that Augustus Maxwell Wilson’s youngest child, Edith, died earlier this year. You can read here about how I discovered both Jule and Edith, first cousins, were living in the same town, and neither knew the other was there. Jule told me she visited Edith, and planned to stay in touch with her.

Edith was a professional educator; she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in teacher education and mathematics. She was loved and appreciated by colleagues and former students.

I wish I had found her earlier on in my research and had interviewed her.

Although I can’t make it in time for Jule’s birthday celebration, I’m hoping to visit her early in the new year.


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