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I Hope I’m Wrong About Kathleen

The quest for the Wilson family Bible continues. Earlier this month, I proposed that the Wilson family Bible probably wound up with Cephas Love Wilson, and, most likely handed down to the oldest child, Cephas Love Wilson, Jr. Because I’m certain it wasn’t passed on to Cephas’ second child, Kathleen […]

Another Piece of the Puzzle

I found additional information that brings me a bit closer to finding Cephas Love Wilson’s descendants, and (hopefully), the Wilson family Bible, if it still exists. Cephas was Emmett’s big brother, law partner, and surrogate father figure, so, he doesn’t play a small role in the telling of this story. […]

Recipient Most Likely

The quest to locate the Wilson family Bible continues. Here’s what I’ve determined so far: Emmett’s father, Dr. F.C. Wilson, remarried about 18 months after the death of wife Elizabeth Maxwell Wilson. The new mizzus, Kate Langley Jordan Wilson entered the scene. She was a decent person; had no desire […]