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Circle of Friends: Alba Houghton Warren

One of Emmett’s friends when he lived in Pensacola during the height of his suave-and-sophisticated club-man existence was Alba Houghton Warren (1874-1950). Warren was from an upper middle-class family in Worcester, Massachusetts, was, according to The Pensacola Journal, one of the city’s “leading young (men) of affairs;” affairs meaning ‘business […]

The Mystery of the Pocket Watch

There’s Wilson family lore about a silver pocket watch that’s I’d love to prove. I don’t know what it looked like, other than it was smooth, silver, and had Emmett’s grandfather’s initials engraved on it — AEM — for Augustus Emmett Maxwell. It probably had a chain, and maybe a […]

His Brand

While looking around on, I found an ad that was painted on the side of a building, one much like the one below, that made me wonder — was this one of Emmett’s preferred brands of whiskey? Personally, I can see Emmett sidling up to the bar at The […]

Ironic Architecture

One of the early hospitals in Pensacola was St. Anthony’s Hospital and Sanitarium, which also was known as the Pensacola Sanitarium. It was located at the corner of Garden and Baylen Streets. There weren’t many hospitals in Pensacola during the early 1900s; you certainly wouldn’t have seen a large medical […]


In my research, I’ve seen Emmett described a lot of ways, but I have to admit, when I first saw the adjective ‘clubman,’ my reaction wasn’t positive. Let me add that I didn’t have my reading glasses on at the time and so, initially, thought it said ‘caveman.’ On second […]