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Emmett’s Regular Getaway

Although the life and behavior of an alcoholic can be unpredictable, Emmett Wilson appears to have been a man of regular habits, especially when it came to his annual vacation. Every year, on or about the first week of August, Emmett would go to St. Andrews or Panama City for […]

A Much Bigger Deal

We continue the exploration of A. Maxwell Wilson’s progeny. There’s four more children to meet: Warren, Woodrow, Harry, and Edith. Today, we’ll discuss Woodrow. Woodrow Wilson. Belle and Max named him for the current present; their brother Emmett was in his administration. Max obtained a postmastership (which was a presidential […]

Being Frank

I came across this today. I wonder if this Frank Wilson is related to my Emmett Wilson. Emmett had several older brothers, mentioned in previous blog entries. One was named Francis Childria Wilson, Jr., after Emmett’s father. Frank Jr. died in 1943. Frank Jr. and his wife, May, only had […]