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In an earlier post — hell, in several earlier posts — I politely beg and plead for assistance in finding Emmett’s Elusive Scrapbooks.

Emmett Wilson Kehoe, son of Jennie and Walter Kehoe. 1930, University of Florida. Source:

Emmett Wilson Kehoe, son of Jennie and Walter Kehoe. 1930, University of Florida. Source:

The deal is, Emmett kept scrapbooks, and he willed them to his namesake, Emmett Wilson Kehoe, when he died. I have been in contact with the Kehoe family descendants, who know what I’m looking for, but they are a bit stumped as to where they would be now — if they exist.

I’ve done several novenas, even. I’m not giving up hope.


Because of this:

Photo source: The New York

Photo source: The New York

A Shakespeare folio was found in France, in a PUBLIC LIBRARY, tucked away somewhere, just waiting to be discovered.

I can only imagine what the Shakespeare experts said when they realized what it was they had in front of them. Actually, the direct quote from one of the American experts who went to France to see it said, “This is huge.”

(Oh, you know he probably did not say it that calmly. He probably did a few squeals, screeches, happy dances when he realized exactly what it was that was found.)

The French director of the library’s medieval collection owned that he got ’emotional.’ Hell yeah, that’s more like it.

I would be more than ’emotional’ if Emmett’s scrapbooks turned up, because other than his will and a few speeches, I have nothing in his own words, per se. The scrapbooks will give me a very clear image of Emmett the man.

This is why I say, you never know what can or will turn up in the research.

Oh — if anyone has a lead on the scrapbooks, I would be eternally grateful — and thankful. It is that time of year, you know.

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