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Emmett’s Will

One hundred years ago today, almost exactly a year to his death, Emmett wrote his will. I have a copy of Emmett’s original will; the document was typewritten by Emmett himself, on old Banking and Currency Committee stationery that he had saved from his tenure as a U.S. Congressman. Emmett […]

Coveted Artifacts

Yesterday, a colleague told me that she had seen an actual notary public stamp belonging to Emmett Wilson on a legal document dating from 1905! She told me it was quite unique; Emmett’s name is part of the official stamp itself. This made me wonder what ever became of the […]

Ya Never Know…

In an earlier post — hell, in several earlier posts — I politely beg and plead for assistance in finding Emmett’s Elusive Scrapbooks. The deal is, Emmett kept scrapbooks, and he willed them to his namesake, Emmett Wilson Kehoe, when he died. I have been in contact with the Kehoe […]