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As of this afternoon, I was able to take down one of the road map wall hangings. Hooray! Writing progress! My office already looks a little neater, too.

I’ve been rather quiet and slow with the posts this month. I’ve directed most of my time and energy to the second chapter, and as a result, I finally see some progress. The second chapter is the one in which we see Emmett’s character unfold: Lots of subtleties here, including his psychology, his hopes, his dreams, his relationships with the few key people who were his lifelong friends.

I received an interesting book this week, too.



I'm interested in the chapter about the 'honorable men.'

I’m interested in the chapter about the ‘honorable men.’

I occasionally will take one of Emmett’s colleagues’ names and run it through (a great resource for published works in libraries and archives worldwide), or, through my institution’s database. In this case, I tried “Walter Kehoe”, and, surprise, his name showed up in this book!

What was more surprising was that this entire chapter is personality profiles of Emmett’s friends — one of which is Kehoe!

William C. Hodges. Also known as “Woeful Chastity Hodges,” in one of CHB Floyd’s editorials in the Pensacola Evening News. Source:

Another personality profiled was that of William C. Hodges, a lawyer Emmett knew quite well, is featured in this chapter, and Miller has details about this man’s personality and how he was perceived by his peers.

Alas, Emmett is not mentioned in here at all; but, it the book is a great insight into the personalities of his friends!

Also, I note that Miller has several resources in her bibliography that I intend to check out for information on Emmett.

My last class of Fall, 2015 ends this week; I’m spending this weekend grading final exams. After that, I’m free until mid-January, and back to more regular posts here in Emmett Wilson land!


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