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Emmett & the Dark Side of Research

Readers, one thing I have learned in doing Emmett’s research is that the Progressive Movement in which Emmett was an active participant, wasn’t ‘progressive’ in terms of racial or gender equality. For example, today, I found this item about Emmett invited to speak at a meeting for the National Democratic […]

1916 Democratic National Convention

Gang, today’s research has me tracking down whether or not Emmett attended the the 1916 Democratic National Convention, which was held in St. Louis, Missouri from June 14-16. According to an article in the June 5, 1916 edition of The Pensacola Journal, he may have attended, since there wasn’t much […]

It Could Have Been Caught

Yesterday, I mentioned an interesting ‘find’ about Emmett’s medical history — more specifically — his cause of death. The official record states ‘uremia’ (chronic kidney failure) as the cause of death. Although there were other related issues going on with him, the bottom line is that Emmett’s kidneys shut down, […]

The “Dry Dig” of Research

Friends, I’ve been away a few days because I’m dealing with a dry patch in Emmett’s information dig. Ever since I’ve returned from Pensacola, I’ve been reading microfilm; last week, I finished all of the reels for the 1915 Pensacola Journal. To be honest, it was a long, tedious read […]

First in Flight

Readers, imagine my great surprise to find this item in my comb-through of the 1915 Pensacola Journal today: Naval aviation had only just been established at Pensacola as an attempt to re-open the base (which was closed during President Taft’s administration); hell, human aviation had only just been established a […]

Move Over, Rodney Dangerfield

Readers, imagine you are Emmett Wilson, seated in the VIP viewing stand with others of similar importance, at the 1915 Pensacola Mardi Gras parade. All is well; suddenly, the following float drifts by, and pauses in front of the viewing stand: Yes, people, someone actually designed and built a FLOAT […]

Emmett’s Pensacola

Readers, now that I’m back from the research trip to Pensacola, I can catch up on what I saw. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the buildings where Emmett lived and worked still exist, and are in good repair. This photo (right) of downtown Pensacola from 1910 […]


In the past week, I’ve come across what I consider the turning point, the downward slide, in Emmett’s career and life. It’s October, 1914. Up until this point, Emmett was the Golden Boy of West Florida, he was getting appropriations for his constituency, he was serving on important committees, he […]