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Nothing really changes

Even after 100 years, nothing really changes. I found this article yesterday in The Pensacola Journal microfilm. I hope the game was good, but in keeping with the spirit of ‘nothing really changing’, the Washington team probably lost. It is unlikely that Emmett Wilson would have taken off during the […]

A face in the crowd

Today I found two different film clips of Woodrow Wilson’s swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Emmett attended both of these events, as a newly minted, and then, newly retired congressman. The first one was on March 4, 1913. The clip comes from a film archive source […]

“What a Jerk.”

That was my first reaction to Emmett Wilson when I ‘met’ him several months ago. I was in the midst of doing work on a biography about my great-grandmother, who, long story short, was a suffragette from Mississippi, and whose husband did not like her ‘activities’, so he put her […]