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It Could Have Been Caught

Yesterday, I mentioned an interesting ‘find’ about Emmett’s medical history — more specifically — his cause of death. The official record states ‘uremia’ (chronic kidney failure) as the cause of death. Although there were other related issues going on with him, the bottom line is that Emmett’s kidneys shut down, […]

Emmett’s Home

Friends, one of the best parts of my visit to Florida was a tour of Emmett’s boyhood home while in Chipley. It was wonderful on many levels: First, the current residents are lovely people, and, even though I had only corresponded with them by email for a few months, they […]

Coffee vs. Postum

Friends, I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have my cup of coffee in the morning, I wouldn’t have a personality the rest of the day. I love my morning cup of coffee. I grind the coffee beans myself, I use fresh water — basically, a good cup of coffee […]


Friends, today’s entry is about family. Although my relationship to Emmett is distant — in fact, I’m Emmett’s 15th cousin — our common relative can be proven and shown in genealogical records. Our common ancestor, actually, is William Sinclair, First Earl of Caithness (circa 1405-1480); he had several daughters. My […]

Coffee with Emmett

Readers, I knew a while back when planning this research trip that the first thing I would do when I got to Pensacola was to visit St. John’s Cemetery and to pay a call, in person, on Emmett. I wasn’t sure what I’d find. But, that’s OK. In my grand […]

What Emmett Saw in Montgomery

Readers, yesterday, I posted a photo of downtown Montgomery from 1906. Today was spent trying to identify some of those buildings to see what Emmett saw when he visited the city. Although Dexter Avenue has changed a lot from the time the 1906 photo was taken, and there are very […]


Tonight I’m in Montgomery, Alabama, one of the first stops on the Emmett Wilson research trip. Montgomery is an important stop, not just because it breaks up a really long drive down from D.C. to Pensacola, but because Emmett did visit the city from time to time. Also, Emmett’s twin […]

Call Me

Readers, I wish it were that simple with Emmett. I’d love just to pick up the phone, dial the Great Beyond, and ask Emmett about his life, directly. As much as I love the research process, it is frustrating at times, because while I believe a lot of Emmett’s information […]