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What Emmett Saw in Montgomery

Readers, yesterday, I posted a photo of downtown Montgomery from 1906. Today was spent trying to identify some of those buildings to see what Emmett saw when he visited the city. Although Dexter Avenue has changed a lot from the time the 1906 photo was taken, and there are very […]


Tonight I’m in Montgomery, Alabama, one of the first stops on the Emmett Wilson research trip. Montgomery is an important stop, not just because it breaks up a really long drive down from D.C. to Pensacola, but because Emmett did visit the city from time to time. Also, Emmett’s twin […]

Call Me

Readers, I wish it were that simple with Emmett. I’d love just to pick up the phone, dial the Great Beyond, and ask Emmett about his life, directly. As much as I love the research process, it is frustrating at times, because while I believe a lot of Emmett’s information […]


In the past week, I’ve come across what I consider the turning point, the downward slide, in Emmett’s career and life. It’s October, 1914. Up until this point, Emmett was the Golden Boy of West Florida, he was getting appropriations for his constituency, he was serving on important committees, he […]

The Cad as Mentor

Part of telling Emmett Wilson’s biography includes a mention of those who mentored him in his early law career. Emmett had two primary mentors in his life; one of them was his older brother, Cephas Love Wilson, Esq. If you want to be the best in your field, you want […]