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Finite Windows; Precious Artifacts

Over the next couple of entries, I’d like to talk about the research process involved in gathering information about an obscure historic figure, and explain the process of reviewing artifacts for use in my research. Most of the time, when I’m visiting an archive to collect documents or artifacts, I […]

Manuscript Progress & Publication

Good news — the first complete draft of Emmett Wilson’s book is done. Is it in publishable condition? No. It needs a clear-headed, objective edit, which I’ll start in three or four days. I find I do my best paring-down of copy after I’ve set it aside for awhile. I’d […]

Not a Hoax

Friends: Some of my neighbors recently received a document called the American Community Survey, and voiced concerns on our community listserv about it — primarily, the concern was that it was a hoax, or another attempt by the government to be intrusive in private citizen’s lives. It’s not a hoax. […]

NMAH Database!

I stumbled across this today! The National Museum of American History archive database. I have not found anything related to Emmett or my peripheral research in the NMAH archives yet — but I have only just begun to search! One of the best collections here is the Balm of America […]

January 1, 1917

How was your New Year’s celebration? Ours was low-key — a family party with several friends who also have small children. Nothing outrageous, nothing fancy. Mostly, pot luck, with too many carbs, and a gathering around the large-screen television to alternately curse and bless the teams playing in the Fiesta […]

A Decent Year

It is hard to believe I started Emmett’s project in May, 2013, with nothing more than curiosity about the handsome photo of some obscure guy whom I originally thought was an asshole standing in the way of my great-grandmother and her friends’ attempts to win suffrage. That first impression was […]

Notes on Emmett’s Funeral

Lots of interesting things as I take a little writing break to organize notes/ideas for the next two books in this research project. Sometimes it helps me to work on sections of Emmett’s story out of sequence — I get a fresh perspective on the information I’ve collected over the […]

All in the Family

I’m taking a break this week from the Emmett Wilson writing marathon to follow in the Wilson family traditions of being politically involved. On Tuesday, I will be an Election Judge in my precinct. I’ve been assigned a 6 am to 3 pm shift to run the poll books (in […]