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Good Orderly Direction (G.O.D.)

“People who want to believe something will do so despite any and all evidence to the contrary.” Carolyn Hax, The Washington Post, February 3, 2018   “Everything happens on God’s schedule, not mine.” A.A. meeting, Washington, D.C. These are two quotes I’ve come to appreciate over the past two weeks. […]

Deja Vu?

Remember this post? Someone on Zillow used my research to write up this house sales pitch. In April 2017, a gentleman from a real estate office in Pensacola contacted me about this property, telling me it was going on the market in about a year, thought the information I’d gathered on […]

Failing Well

When I’m not writing or conducting research for Emmett’s book, I’m sewing. Sewing is like writing, in that it is creating something unique out of fluid, occasionally hard-to-manipulate content. Sewing is not just about manipulating fabric and thread, but it is a hands-on exercise in creative problem solving using pre-determined […]

Mojo Knows Best

I think my Writing Mojo is hiding somewhere on my desk, because I can’t find it. Last time I saw it, it was in the mess of red-inked, half-written rough drafts adorned with coffee cup rings and post-it notes to myself, somewhere near the applications for grants and fellowships that […]

Marketing Emmett Wilson

I’ve been writing, editing, and submitting essays on Emmett and my research to several literary journals. Also, my writing partner and I have been submitting proposals to speak about our work at writing conferences. I’m not anywhere near an official publication date for Emmett’s book, but a longitudinal academic research […]

Secretarial Musings

I often wonder what kind of employee or boss Emmett was? Was he considerate and competent? Quiet and hardworking? A lunch-stealing backstabbing jerk, perhaps? An excellent source of information on Emmett-as-colleague would be the office records — a desk calendar, case files, or even an office journal. I don’t doubt […]

A Galaxy of Stars

  I found this book on Alibris, a book reseller website. I like to check back for obscure Florida texts and anything that has Emmett’s name listed. This one’s been out of print for awhile. It was purged from the Dickinson Memorial Library in Orange City, Florida. It was cheap. […]