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Portrait of a Father

This photograph of Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, was taken on a sunny afternoon — maybe Father’s Day — around 1895. His eyes are open, and they appear to be focused on the long corn cob pipe. I wonder if he whittled that pipe himself? Or perhaps one of […]

A tragic find

As I continue to organize my collection of articles and files, I came across a tragic story from the September 1, 1912 edition of the Pensacola Evening News. I saved this article because I’m certain Emmett’s father, Dr. Francis C. Wilson, would have been on hand to assist Dr. Coleman […]


Do you remember when I sent out an essay about Emmett’s boyhood home to Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art? Good news! They’re going to publish it in the Places to Stand section! I’ll let you know when it runs! Whoo hoo!  

Journaling & Self-Editing Finds

I’ve been posting less on Emmett’s blog this month because I’m working on Emmett Wilson-related articles to submit to two publications: I met the representatives of the Little Patuxent Review literary journal when I was at the AWP Conference two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, they told me to submit […]

Places to Stand: In Chipley

I’ve started sending out articles and essays to literary journals and publications all about Emmett Wilson and his family. My first submission is to Saw Palm: Florida Literature & Art. This is a Florida-themed literary journal with a lot of creative and interesting components. My first shot at the journal […]

What could be

If you haven’t read this story from yesterday’s edition of The Washington Post, please do. Lucky man, historian James I. Robertson, Jr., surrounded by artifacts. So blessed. So privileged! Out of the 1,600 pieces of information, he used 140 to write his book — all of it precious. What was […]

Freshman Mistake

On April 7, 1913, Emmett Wilson was sworn in as the youngest representative from Florida’s Third Congressional District, and the youngest congressman in the United States. Emmett knew that upon taking office, he was expected to resolve several pressing issues, namely: Reopening the Pensacola Naval Station. Procuring funding to renovate […]

Walker Wilson, Part Two

Continuing the story of Emmett’s youngest brother, Walker (no middle name) Wilson: Walker started a career with the Seaboard Air Lines Railroad around 1908, and moved to Tampa. Two years later, in 1910, Walker married Jesse Evans, of Gainesville. The family genealogy reports that Walker met Jesse in Gainesville while […]