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Chapter 188: Side Trip to D.C.

6:15 am.July 3, 1912The Raleigh HotelWashington, D.C. Walter KehoeKehoe and Wilson700-702 American National Bank BuildingPensacola, Florida Dear Walter: Mayes, Tommie Crawford, and myself are sharing a suite of two bedrooms and a parlor; while everyone is still asleep, I thought to write you a quick letter on our goings-on for […]

Chapter 93: Second Impression

April 29, 1905Marianna, Florida6:10 p.m. The footsteps pounded the hallway; my office door swung wide open; reflexively, I stood. “Emmett!” Walter Kehoe, who’d broken away from Cephas and the other gentleman, leaving them to talk in the hallway. He comes around to my side of the desk, and clasps my […]

Medium, Message, Context

As promised in the last post, I’ll now walk you through the process I use to review artifacts that inform my research on Emmett Wilson. Here’s a document I received from Emmett’s grand niece, Elizabeth, who is the granddaughter of Katie Wilson Meade. Elizabeth’s original note with this document said […]

An Update on Cephas, Jr.

In case you are just tuning in, I’m trying to locate the Wilson family Bible. I’m betting that it is in the hands of the descendants of Cephas Love Wilson, Jr. (1894-1985). I haven’t found the descendant…yet. But I’ve found something else: The Jackson County enlistment record for soldiers and […]

Look Closely

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? Well, I’ve found a partial photo of that house! Take a look: In the background is the front porch of the Cephas Love Wilson house, complete with Doric column, shutters on the windows, and wooden swing! It’s accurate, too, if you recall […]

Ceph’s House

During the last research visit to Florida, I spent the day in Marianna, visiting Emmett’s old haunts; including: The Jackson County Courthouse, Cephas’ law office (now the law office of Elizabeth M. Simpson), St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Cemetery. One place I’d hoped to see was Cephas Love Wilson’s home, […]

More St. Michael’s Stories

Right now, I’m in Chipley, Florida, staying with my excellent and gracious friend Pam and her family, in a historic old home where Emmett and his family members had certainly visited from time to time. There’s a photo of Emmett’s father, Dr. Wilson, posed in front of this house in […]

Circle of Family: Dora Wilson Smith

Emmett had two sisters: Eudora Neely Wilson Smith, and Catherine Elizabeth Wilson Meade. They went by “Dora” and “Katie.” I’ve introduced you to Katie Wilson Meade already; Emmett was very close to Katie, who was born in British Honduras about five years before Emmett and Julian. Even after two years […]